Two Air Die Grinders Angle Straight and 8 Piece Carbide Rotary Burr Tool Set

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Two die grinders and 8 piece carbide rotary burr tool set.

Die grinder kit and rotary burr set.-Blue composite body 0.25'' angle and mini die grinder, front exhaust.-8 Piece double cut carbide rotary burr set, 0.25'' shank.-Grinders have composite handles that reduce vibration.-With rib texture that provides a firm grip.-Grinders have lever throttle for feathering control and built in regulators.-SA-5: Cylindrical shape 0.5'' x 1''.-SA-3: Cylindrical shape 0.38'' x 0.75''.-SC-3: Cylindrical radius end 0.38'' x 0.75''.-SC-1: Cylindrical radius end 0.25'' x 0.63''.-SD-1: Ball shape 0.75''.-SD-3: Ball shape 0.38''.-SF-3: Tree shaped radius end 0.38'' x 0.75''.-SF-5: Tree shaped radius end 0.5'' x 1''. Dimensions: -Dimensions: 2'' H x 7'' W x 12'' D. Warranty: -1 Year warranty on material and workmanship.