Telescoping Alligator Clip Pilot Lighting Tool Holder

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The Telescoping Alligator Clip is often used as a third-hand tool in electrical repair for holding and positioning wires. It is also commonly employed around the home for lighting pilot lights and barbeques. The extendable shaft reaches up to 24-1/2” for working in cramped areas, or to provide a safety buffer for lighting a gas grill or furnace. The tool condenses to 5-1/2” and is equipped with pocket clip for those on the go.

Details include:

  • Provides a safe method of lighting pilot lights and barbeques
  • Also used to hold and position wires in electrical assembly and repair
  • Telescoping shaft reaches up to 24-1/2”
  • Entire tool collapses down to only 5-1/2” in length
  • Jaw capacity is .170”
  • Convenient pocket clip
  • Chrome finish to prevent rust