Shoe Odor Moisture Removal Dehumidifier Packets Absorber Packs

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Use For More Than Just Shoes
Odor and moisture lingers in many places, not just shoes! These packets are perfect for gym bags, camera bags, and even for protecting important items such as electronics and documents against moisture.
Perfect For Any Type Of Shoe
Whether it's running shoes or dress shoes, these packets will eliminate pesky odors and moisture. These packets will work with any type of enclosed shoe such as boots, loafers, oxfords, sneakers, and more!
Easy To Replace
Once removed from the plastic sealed plastic bag, the packet will provide freshness for up to 15 days. After that, simply remove and throw away the old packet and insert a new one into the blue pouch. To ensure you are never left without refills, DHF20-10SSD includes with 5 pairs of refills.

• 10 odor & moisture eliminating shoe refills are included, sleeves are not included
• For use with DHF20-SSD
• Removes moisture
• Locks in Odors
• Use for up to 15 days