SAE Size Gear Head Combination Ratchet Box End Wrench Ratcheting End Tool Set

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Quality 12 piece set of fast and convenient duo-metric combination gear wrenches

  • Features a 72 tooth-count ratchet mechanism, energy efficient, 5-degrees handle swing.
  • Extra-durable hardened Chrome-Vanadium steel with polished black nickel finish, corrosion resistance
  • Package comes with 12 most commonly used sizes with SAE & Metric, clear laser engraved marking
  • With duo-metric set - 12 pieces of wrenches to cover 19 sizes
  • Set completes with aluminum case
  • Set includes: 8mm (15/16-inch), 3/8-inch, 10mm (25/64-inch), 11mm (7/16-inch), 12mm (15/32-inch), 13mm, 1/2-inch, 9/16-inch, 15mm (19/32-inch), 16mm (5/8-inch), 11/16-inch, 19mm (3/4-inch)