Roll of 50 Foot Flexible Lighting Strip

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Creating brilliant cool white illumination at a tenth of the cost of running traditional rope lighting, our LED rope light spools create massive energy savings on both large and small projects. The soft white LED rope light also generates much less heat, allowing your product to outlast the competition. While others can last around 35,000 hours, ours will lasts at least 50,000 hours, giving you extremely good long-term value.

  • 50FT 2-wire Warm White Rope Lights
  • Comes with a manufacture pre-installed 4FT plug-in power cord and one end cap
  • 110-120 Volts
  • LED bulbs spaced 1" apart, 600 bulb count
  • Chasing Function / Dimmable : No
  • Easy splicing for adding extra lengths, can be cut for shorter lengths