Replacement Seal Gasket Kit For Hitachi NR83 NV83 Nail Guns Head

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Gasket Set Includes (SP 877-325Q, 326Q, 329Q, 331Q, 334Q). Premium quality gasket set, guarantees 100% satisfaction. These gaskets are formed with stainless steel that provides high level of thermal, corrosive and pressure resistance to go with great durability and tensile strength. Fits Hitachi Framing Nailers (NR83A2 & NV83A2 Nail Guns)


  • Stainless Steel construction is impossible to crack and an optimum material for enhanced sealing
  • Rubber coating provides increased conformabilityto irregular surfaces
  • Rubber coated metal is a dimensionally stable solution for reliability
  • Rubber coated metal can be resilient for extremely tough and high pressure use
  • Rigid structure makes assembling / disassembling easier

This Kit is compatible with:


  • SP 877-325Q: Gasket (B) NR83A/2, NR83AA, NV83A2(AL83A-22)
  • SP 877-326Q (replaces Hitachi 877-854): Gasket (C) NR83A/AA, NV83A2, NV65AA/ACC (AL83A-7)
  • SP 877-329Q : Gasket (F) NR83A/NR83AA, NV83A2
  • SP 877-331Q : Gasket (D) NR83A/2, NR83AA/2/3, NV83A2 (AL83A-80)
  • SP 877-334Q : Gasket (A) NR83A, NR83A2, NV83A2(AL83A-37)