Replacement Nose Piece for Hitachi NR83A Framing Nailer Nail Gun 877390Z

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Modified Nose Assembly with the pushing lever. Now replace you nose with the whole assembly that comes with pushing lever.

Two separate pieces make up the kit and only interchange with each other. Cannot mix-n-match these parts with OEM Nose or Pushing Lever.

When the kit is used on an NR83A, NR83A2 & NR83A2(S), other OEM parts can then be installed.

This kit give the option and affordability, to keep your framing nailer up and running, in great working order.

Compatible with:


  • NR83A2(S) Framing Nailer, Full Head, Plastic Strip Collation (without Depth Adjustment)
  • NR83A 3-1/4" Full Head Nailer
  • NR83A2 Full Head Framing Nailer