Replacement Electrical Trigger Switch for Makita Circular Saws and Grinders

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Aftermarket Trigger Switch replaces Makita 651172-0. This switch can be found in many Makita circular saws and grinders.

Switches are commonly replaced parts in power tools. A switch handles all on/off and variable speed functions. They also have a role in electric breaking; they can momentarily reverse electrical polarity. Because switches use mechanical internals, they tend to degrade and wear out over time, eventually requiring replacement. This switch proves to be a worthy replacement with supreme quality and a lower price to go with.

Makita 651172-0, 651121-7, 651168-1

NOTE: Some common signs of a broken or failing switch are:

  • Tool has completely stopped functioning - it will not turn on
  • Tool operates intermittently, requiring multiple tries to turn on, until eventually it won't turn on at all
  • Variable speed function and electric braking aren't working properly


  • Voltage: 125/250V
  • Amperage: 24A/12A

This part is compatible with:


  • 5007S Circular Saw
  • 5007NB Circular Saw
  • 5008NB Circular Saw
  • 5007FK Circular Saw
  • 5007NBK Type 1 7-1/4" 15A Heavy-Gauge Aluminium Base Circular Saw
  • GA6010Z 10.5A 6" Cutoff / Angle Grinder
  • GA5010Z 10.5A 5" Angle Grinder
  • 5057KB 7-1/4" Circular Saw
  • 5007F 7-1/4" Circular Saw with Brake
  • GA5010
  • GA6010