Replacement Aluminum Magazine Rack for Hitachi NR83A Framing Nailer Nail Gun

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This high quality replacement Aluminum magazine fits Hitachi framing nailers. This Aluminum magazine is light weight, well balanced & taller so you can shoot longer nails (3-1/2") compared to the original steel magazine that comes with the framing nailgun.


  • Shoots 3-1/2" Nails
  • Fastener Length Capacity: 2" to 3-1/2"
  •  Fastener Diameter Range: 0.113" to 0.148”
  • Magazine Angle: 21 Degrees 
  • Magazine Capacity: 70
  • Magazine Loading: Top
  • Nose Guard included
  • Installed Nail Feeder and Ribbon Spring
  • Available as Assembly only
  • Comes in Blister packaging

Compatible with:

  • Hitachi NR83A 3-1/4" Full Head Nailer
  • Hitachi NR83A2 Full Head Framing Nailer