Circular Saw with Guide Track

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This Track Saw with its plunge-cutting action eliminates dangerous flip-up blade guards and its true riving knife reduces the risk of pinching and kickback for a dramatic change in circular saw safety. Although this saw performs the same functions as a traditional circular saw, the mating Guide Rail feature is indispensable for making perfectly straight cuts when working with wide panels. No more wavy cuts and blade binding while reaching over half a panel width trying to sight along a blurry chalk line. And, no more unsafe, over-extended reaching, and poor balance while sliding wide panels on a table saw either! Space requirements to cut full size sheet goods with the Track Saw is also minimized since the Track Saw moves over the material rather than moving full size material over a stationary table saw. If your table saw is not set up properly with in-feed and out-feed tables to handle large sheet goods, you run the risk of improperly supported material, which may lead to sloppy cuts and worst yet, a tipping table saw. Since the Track Saw is completely portable, cutting sheet goods on the jobsite provides a whole new meaning to accuracy and convenience. What could be easier than supporting your sheet goods on a set of sturdy saw horses, measuring your cut and lining up the track? It's that simple!


  • Suitable for a variety of materials
  • Infinitely variable cutting depth up to 2-5/32"
  • Guide rail system for accurate and splinter-free cuts
  • Non-slip backing on the underside of the rail for secure grip on the workpiece
  • Low friction surfaces on the guide rail ensure smooth machine operation
  • Built-in riving knife for anti-kickback protection
  • Anti-tilt bar provides a secure grip on the guide rail for miter cutting
  • 48 tooth carbide Saw blade
  • 55" Track
  • 5-Pc. Accessory Pack
  • Rail connector allows two guide rails to be joined for up to 110" of straight line cutting - more than enough for 8' long sheet goods ( We sell an extra track for $89.99) This listing includes the extra rail


  • Motor: 120V, 9A, 1.1 kW, 5500 RPM
  • Blade rim speed: 9,070 ft per second
  • Min. distance between saw blade and wall: 5/8"
  • Max. cutting depth at 90 degrees: without rail 2-5/32", with rail 1-31/32"
  • Max. cutting
  • Continuous cutting depth limiter
  • Anti-kickback protection
  • Adjustable 1-1/2" dust port for shop vacuum