Professional Double Sided Diamond Knife Sharpening Stone with Holding Jig - 400/1000 Grit, 8" Long

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Double Sided Diamond Stone 400/1000 Grit for Sharpening Chisels, Knives, Blades, Scissors etc. Dual face 400/1000#. The holder Adopt Silicone design, effectively anti-skidding and anti-slip. Holder with adjustable lengths, easy to solidify the Sharpening Stone.


  • High appearance, delicate and practical
  • Suitable for cutlery at home, especial for kitchen
  • Stone adopt lector plated Diamond technology, sturdy and stable
  • Ideal for woodworking cutting tool grinding, skate blade, jade, seal cutting tool, glass tile chamfering, some super hard tool in the industrial and mining enterprises ect.
  • Satisfy any size of any whetstone, oils stone or diamond stones
  • Stone with Double-Sided design, separately imprint with 1000# and 400#, representing coarse grinding for 400# and fine grinding for 1000#, you can choose which degree you want


  • Stone Color: Silver
  • Sharpening Stone: Diamond Sand
  • Base Holder: Chrome-Plated Iron + Silicone
  • Base Adjustment: Maximum adjustable: 220mm (8.7inch), Minimum adjustable: 80mm (3.1inch)
  • Stone Size (approx.): 200 (7.8") x 70 (2.75") x 8(0.3") mm ( L x W x H)
  • Holder Size (approx.): 290 (11.4") x 70 (2.7") mm