Pro Tire Thread Depth Gauge Measuring Gage Tread Wear Indicator Thickness

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2" Dial Tire Tread Depth Gauge with 1/32" increments. Performance of your tires is important for the safety, drive experience and efficiency of your vehicle. Tire failures account for hundreds of accidents annually. After some time they start to lose performance in terms of their traction and braking ability. Once your tread depth goes below 1/16" (1.6mm) the tire is no longer safe. In order to keep a check on that a tread depth gauge is what you need. This gauge measures in increments of 1/32" (1mm) and has a solid zinc cast body with acrylic lens. Use this tread depth gauge to ensure your tire's safety.


  • Durable solid zinc cast body
  • Measures in 1/32 inch increments
  • Comes in valvet fabric pouch & clam shell
  • Dial type tire tread depth gauge
  • Easy to read acrylic lens
  • Zone 1 (Red) shows tire tread low and tire needed to be replaced
  • Zone 2 (Yellow) shows marginal tread remaining
  • Zone 3 (Green) shows tire has ample tread