Pressure Washer Rotating Water Brush Attachment Wand

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Pressure-powered for maximum results with minimum effort. Fits to the pressure washer, the rotating brush works off the pressure of the washer making it a very effective cleaning tool. Excellent for general purpose cleaning of siding, windows, cars, boats, campers, and RV's. Uses water propulsion to rotate the inner brush for more effective cleaning. Ideal for dispensing pressure washer detergent accessory: pressure washer with detergent and attach the rotating wash brush to the trigger gun.


  • Perfect for washing cars, caravans, deep-cleaning patio furniture + scrubbing cars, windows, siding, RVs - and more!
  • Feathered bristles avoid scratching painted surfaces; made of high-quality materials
  • For all smooth surfaces - paint, glass or plastic.
  • Material: Plastic