Portable CO2 Regulator, Recoil Hose, Tire Inflator CO2 Cylinder Tank

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includes a CO2 regulator , 20 oz. CO2 Tank, PU 10 Feet recoil hose and a air Tire inflator. This kit is ideal to pressurize tires during an emergency or while off roading.

CO2 Regulator :

CO2 Regulators has a 0-125 PSI pressure range with a maximum inlet pressure of 1200 PSI with a safety burst disc rating of 1800 PSI. Fits standards CO2 paint ball cylinders. Solid Aluminum Body with chrome coating comes with a pressure gauge, dial regulator knob & integrated steel belt clip.

CO2 cylinders are US DOT Approved cylinders to 3AL specification and are rated at a service pressure of 1800 psi with a safety factor of 2.25 and are required to be hydro-tested at a pressure of 1.5x service pressure every 5 years.

Recoil Hose :

Polyurethane Coil Hoses are made from a special super tough compound for consistent performance. This hose provides you with the highest quality and the most extensive offering of hosing in the industry. Hose length 10’ with 1/4" NPT swivel fitting.


  • Working Pressure: 125 PSI
  • Burst Pressure: 375 PSI
  • Safety Factor: 3:1

Tire Inflator :

Tire Inflators feature chrome plated metal castings, precision machined brass internal parts, and Buna-N (Nitrile) O-rings. 1/4" NPTF inlet threads. Angle-In Tapered Chuck -Designed for easy use with most sport (alloy) wheels.

CO2 DOT Cylinder 20 oz (WRCO2-CL20):


High quality aluminium CO2 cylinders with industry standard pin valves. Safety Burst Disc Brass Pin Valve. The Valve comes with safety relief valve and blow off valve to protect from accidental discharge due to unscrewing valve (NEVER UNSCREW VALVE FROM CO2 CYLINDER). The cylinder is rated for 1800 PSI for DOT (Department of Transport) for use in the United States. They have a current HYDRO test. Can be used for Paintball and other application, including dispensing beer or soda. For Beer and Soda applications correct pin valve style regulator is required.



  • G 1/2-14 Threads with O-Ring
  • Valve is made of LEAD-FREE brass