Pneumatic Air Power 1/4" Pencil Type Micro Mini High Spped Die Grinder Tool Kit

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  • 1pc Micro Air Die Grinder
  • 1 pc Mini oiler
  • 1pc Oil pot
  • 2pc Hand wrenches
  • 1pc Female nipple
  • 10pc Plastic case
  • 10pc Mounted stones


  • Pencil type micro air die grinder features a variable speed throttle control for any speed up to 58000 RPM and has a self closing lever.
  • It's ideal for cleaning and polishing of jewerly, porting cyline heads, dies or any hobby and craft uses.
  • Includes 10 different styles of grinding stone bits, but the 1/8" collect allows this micro grinder to be used with a large variety of 1/8" dremel tool bits.
  • Has a extremely flexible 50" hose with an abrasion guard that allows you to reach the most diffiult areas.
  • It's slim, lightweight, durable and comfortable to hold and use. Comes with an automatic inline oiler with starter bottle machined oil.


  • Free speed: 65,000 PRM
  • Collect size: 3mm or 1/8"
  • Net weight: 0.33 KGS
  • Length: 132mm
  • Air pressure: 90 PSI