Overhead Valve Spring Compressor

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Overhead Valve Spring Compressor.

This valve stem Engine Overhead Valve Spring Compressor Seal Keeper Tool is ideal for removing valve springs, spring retainers by compressing the valve spring retainer and exposing the valve keeper, remove keepers, uncompress the tool then remove spring. It features a reversible jaw / adaptor and automatic cam-action locking to a re-determined setting. The tool spring depth reach grips to retainer are adjustable to fit most large and small spring applications.


  • Professional Overhead Valve Spring Compressor
  • Very easy to use
  • Cam action level design for secure valve spring locking into the tool
  • Allow valve springs and valve stem oil seals to be replaced with the cylinder head.
  • For use on a wide range of OHV, OHC and CHV engines.
  • Not suitable for use on engines with deep seated valves.
  • Allows Valve Springs & Valve Stem Oil Seals To Be Replaced With The Cylinder Head
  • For Use On A Wide Range Of OHV, OHC & CHV Engines
  • Not Suitable For Use On Engines With Deep Seated Valves
  • Cam Action Level Design For Secure Valve Spring Locking Into The Tool