No Tangle Double Dual Twin Two 2 Dog Walking Leash Rope Walker Walk

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Easily walk two dogs at the same time with the No-Tangle Dual Leash. Both leashes are connected to one ergonomically-designed handle for the walker's comfort and convenience. This allows the walker the freedom of holding just one leash instead of two separate leashes that can get easily tangled. A thick braided nylon/ polyester design ensures that the No-Tangle Dual Leash is extremely strong and durable. The No-Tangle Dual Leash is 52 inches long and has been strength tested to withstand more than 500 pounds. Easily walk two dogs at once.Ergonomically-designed handle for supreme comfort. Made with thick, braided nylon/polyester material. Strength tested to withstand 500 lbs.52" long.