Mini Micro Small Brazing Welder Soldering Torch Tool Set Kit For Jewelry

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  • Mini micro brazing welding torch
  • Ideal tool for jewelry, hobby, crafts, metal sculptures, electronics.
  • Can be used with acetylene, hydrogen, propane,  or natural gas.
  • Welds fuses materials as thin as 0.001" up to 16 gauge
  • Brazes joins steel, brass, copper, silver and gold.
  • Solders for soft or hard (silver) soldering.  
  • Heats softens or melts, glass, even ceramics. 
  • Pinpoint welding at 6300 F 
  • (Gas pressure required: 2 up to 6 PSI depending on the tip, Oxygen Adjustment Knob and Fuel Gas Adjustment Knob, Braided Covered Hose Assembly)
  • Aluminum Alloy Body / Copper Tips with Rubber O-Ring.
  •  Lightweight - only 0.35 lbs.
  • Includes: torch, two 6.6 ft color coded twin hoses & 5 welding tips, sizes ,12,3,4,& 5.