Mini Air Sandblaster Glass Etching Pen Tool

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Hand-held mini sized sandblaster air powered professional eraser etcher tool. This etching airbrush gun pen is a versatile instrument that can erase color errors and act as an etching tool. It is used by hobbyists and manufacturers to clean jewelry and fine parts, remove discoloration, rust, corrosion, etch glass, or cut monograms. It is issued by lithographers to highlight half tones and erase defects without marring the surface or leaving a smudge. Bottle of fine sand is included.

  • Cup Size: 15 CC; air hose: 5 ft. x 5/32
  • Carbide insert on tip lasts longer with abrasives
  • Average air consumption: 4 CFM. Working air pressure: 65 psi
  • Kit includes air eraser, air hose, hanger, 5 oz. of aluminum Oxide abrasive, dust mask, operating manual, storage case