Metal 48 Key Hanging Storage Cabinet Organizer Box Rack Combination Lock Case

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  • Convenience Organizes 48 keys
    • No need to use keys to manage keys!
    • Change the code when needed, it can be done easily seconds or convert the lock to be non-resettable for extra security
    • Mounting hardware included
    • Color coded key tags included
  • Durability
    • Heavy gauge steel
    • Continuous "piano" hinge
    • Steel key hooks
  • Reliability
    • Reliable 3 dial combination security
    • 1,000 possible codes

Setting the Lock - Instructions

Easily set the combination by holding in the reset button and rolling the dials to a new combination. The combination can be changed at any time. These combination locks have been tested over time with none of the reliability issues seen in plastic punch button lock systems.

  1. Decide on your new combination before starting.
  2. Open the key cabinet using the correct combination (0-0-0 from the factory).
  3. Leave the lock in the opening position, and locate the reset button on the left side of the lock face.
  4. Hold down the reset button on the bottom edge of the lock face (a thumb tack or paper-clip works well). Keep pressure on the reset button throughout the setting process.
  5. With your other hand, roll the dials to your desired new combination. Be certain of the code.
  6. Release the reset button and your combination is set. Note the code and keep in a safe place.
  7. To lock, close the cabinet door, turn the lock to the left, and rotate one or more dials.


  • Height: 9-7/8”
  • Width: 7-3/8”
  • Depth: 2-7/8”