Magnetic Knife Blade Height Setting Setter Magnet Jig Tool for Planer Head

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Precision-engineered and manufactured under strict control from top-quality materials, our planer jigs set knives quickly and accurately with powerful neodymium magnets. Jigs hold knives in position while freeing both hands to tighten the gib. Our knife-setting system lets you set planer knives in perfect alignment every time! It also allows you to shift nicked knives on 2-1/2"- 4" cutterheads to get a perfect cut with an accuracy of ±.002". Two jigs are needed for 15"- 20" planers; three for planers over 20". For 12" and smaller planers with 1-7/8"- 2-1/8" cutterheads, use our MINI jig instead.


  • For 2-1/2" - 4" Diameter Cutterheads
  • For HSS Knives
  • ±.002 Accuracy
  • Neodymium Magnets
  • Set of 2