Magnetic Digital Angle Gauge

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Just stick this magnetized, digital angle finder on any surface - table saw blade, miter table, even use it as a level - then just read the precise angle in seconds on the large LCD digital display. You can "freeze" that reading on the digital display by pushing the “hold” button. Press the "0%" button to gauge the angle change from initial measurement. Includes "calibrate" and "on/off" button. Durable stainless steel construction, with magnetic base.

  • Use this magnetized angle finder to get precise angle readings in seconds
  • Large LCD display reads upright at any angle and can "freeze" the measurement for later use
  • Useful for measuring the angle of table saw blades, miter saw blades or as a standard digital level
  • +/- 0.3 degree accuracy
  • Degree and slope conversion
  • 4 x 90° measuring range