Large Metric Titanium Tap and Die Set

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Heavy duty heat treated alloy steel construction. Rust-resistant satn finish. Precision machined to exacting standards. Precision ground and polished surfaces facilitate chip removal.

Set includes:

  • Tap & Die course threads (20PC)
  • Tap & Die fine Threads (20PC)
  • 2-M6X1.0;2-M6X0.75;2-M8X1.25;2-M8X1.0
  • 2-M10X1.5:2-M10X1.25;2-M12X1.75;2-M12X1.5
  • 2-M14X2.0;2-M14X1.5;2-M16X2.0;2-M16X1.5
  • 2-M18X2.5;2-M18X1.5;2-M20X2.5;2-M20X1.5
  • 2-M22X2.5;2-M22X1.5;2-M24X3.0;2-M24X1.5