HG Thinning Hair Growth Treatment Conditioner

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Formulated specifically for limp and thinning hair. It replanishes, moisturizes and strenghens the hair shaft while adding body, volume and shine. Hair Rejuvenator Thickening Conditioner gently cleanses the scalp and removes sebum and DHT from the hair root as nutrients moisturize, nourish, and improve the hair and scalp creating a healthy environment for proper hair growth. And for those not losing hair, this is an outstanding product that promotes longer and quicker hair growth.


  • Agrimony: provides control and manageability
  • Anise: gives elasticity and strength
  • Basil: gives body and bounce to lifeless hair
  • Chamomile: adds control and can bring out highlights
  • Hawthorn: makes hair fuller, silkier and tangle free
  • Aloe Vera: known to promote healthy hair
  • Coltsfoot: adds body and bounce to lifeless hair
  • Ginseng: promote healthy hair
  • Hops: softens skin and scalp and adds shine
  • Nasturtium: adds shine to dull hair
  • Rosemary: helps maintain a healthy scalp
  • Evening Primrose: helps to moisturize scalp
  • Aragon Oil: provides moisture and shine