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Hand Impulse Heat Sealer 8" Plastic Bag Sealer

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1. Suitable for PE/PP bags
2. Light weight, easy to use it
3. Strong power but don't waste electricity
4. Heat time is short
5. It is made of plastic material
6. More accurate with precision electronic control
7. Avoid the loss of product


1. Sealing Length: 7.87"" / 20cm
2. Source: 110V / 50Hz
3. Power: 300W
4. Suitable for: PE/PP Bags
5. Impulse Sealing for: Power-saving
6. Circuit: Precision Electronic Control
7. Max Sealing Thickness: 0.2mm
8. Heat Time: 0.2 -1.3s
9. Color: Blue
10. Dimensions: (12.99 x 3.94 x 6.77)"" / (33 x 10 x 17.2)cm (L x W x H)
11. Weight: 45.86oz / 1300g
12. Size: 8""
13. Plug Type: US Standard
14. Material: Plastic


Package Includes:
1 x Heat Sealer
1 x Teflon Tapes


How to Use
1. No power switch required (auto-control), link the AC power cord with socket, adjust heating time just according to the thickness of sealing-in material; put the plastic bag on the sealing-in surface and press the handle, the circuit will automatically control heating time. The power will automatically shut down when the indicator light goes out. After 1-2 seconds, release the handle to finish sealing.
2. Any damage occurs during sealing is because of over-long heating time, please spin the rotary knob anticlockwise to shorten heating time.
3. Too-short heating time will cause unstable sealing. Please spin the rotary knob clockwise to lengthen heating time
4. If the plastic bag sticks to rubber pressing board, it means the cooling time is insufficient. You must lengthen the cooling time after indicator light extinguishment. Slightly late to release the handle
5. Remain the heating time unchanged after adjustment, and no need to adjust it during continuous service.
6. Keep AC power cord always inserting on the socket, no electricity consumption when there is no sealing.


Warm Prompt
1. Always keep the sealing surface clean, avoid any residue oxidation on the surface to reduce ribbon heater and lifespan of heat-resisting fabric.
2. Don't use wet cloth to scrub sealing surface.
3. Worn-out liner under ribbon heater will cause short circuit and finally damage the ribbon heater. So, it is a must to check up liner condition every time you change ribbon heater. Replace a new one once there is any damage.
4. When you have to change the ribbon heater, you must choose a ribbon heater with the same specification to original one.


The following listed cases are excluded to quality issue
1. Repeated usage of heater strip breaks due to autoxidation, which leads to electricity failure, suggest to replace a new one (oxidation under high-temperature is normal phenomenon)
2. Inner coil burnout or damage caused by overload continuous usage or wrong operation
3. Any man-made damage leads to non-operation cases
Note: suggest to keep heating gear between 3-5 mode, it helps to extend the lifespan of machine; long-term working on high-gear will easily lead to burn-up of inner parts. If the inner coil is burnt out, the machine will be disposed as scrap.


WARNING: Attention California Residents - Prop 65 Warning