Gooseneck Round Cabinet Scraper for Wood Glue

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A cabinet scraper can be used to quickly and easily shave thin layers from wood. They are extremely useful for removing glue spots or smoothing wood with irregular grain patterns. Cabinet scrapers are particularly effective on twisted or curly wood grains. Cabinet scrapers are an invaluable aid to woodworking in putting a really fine finish on wood. They can also be used for removing traces of paint, varnish or distress marks on wood.

The Gooseneck scraper is used for awkward curves in moldings and the like, where part of the outside curve of the Gooseneck scraper will be found to fit the desired radius. All scrapers are 0.030” / 0.77mm cold rolled hardened and tempered chrome nickel steel with a hardness of 40/42 Rockwell C. This specification gives good edge retention while allowing the "spring" of "flex" in the blade which gives the user control of the tool.

Ideal for removing tool marks and prepare wood surfaces for finishing better than sandpaper. Specifically for carpentry work Ideal for removing old paint used for finishing curved areas such as spindles and chair legs. To renew cutting edges, simply joint the edge flat with a file and burnish to form a slight hook angle.

Scrapers have rounded edges to prevent accidental digging in your work.