Freeze Plug Puller Wrench Removal Install Tool Remover Installer Expansion Kit

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Our freeze plug tool kit makes removing and installing freeze plugs easy on any automotive engine.

Features include:

  • Eliminates the need to remove motor mounts and the cutting of firewalls
  • No need to remove heads or manifold
  • Set includes seven sizes for most popular plugs
  • Kit also has a remover puller for pulling freeze plugs up to 2" in diameter (drill 17/64" hole first and then insert long self tapping screw)
  • For sizes 20mm .787", 25mm .984", 30mm 1.18", 35mm 1.378", 40mm 1.57", 45mm 1.77" and 50mm 1.96"
  • Universal wobble style end for angled installation
  • Storage case is included