Emergency Plug Plugger Patch Repair Kit for Radial Tires Repairing Patching Hole

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  • If needed, use soapy water to find the leak.
  • Remove the object that caused the puncture.
  • Insert the serrated tool into the hole and slide it up and down to toughen and clean inside of the hole (A)
  • Coat the needle with rubber cement and slide it up and down in the hole until it is thoroughly coated (B).
  • Insert the plug material halfway into the eye of needle.
  • Coat the plug material with rubber cement (C).
  • Insert the needle and plug material into the hole until it is about two thirds of the way in (D)
  • Rapidly pull the needle straight out leaving the plug in place.
  • Do not twist the needle when pulling out(E).
  • Cut off excess plug material flush with the tire. Check for more leaks with soapy water(F).