Electric Hand Planetary Concrete Marble Granite Wet Polisher and Grinder

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Planetary machine combines proven planetary performance with portability. The Triad Planetary Polisher is a rugged, planetary powered tool designed to produce a flat, swirl free finish on counter tops, floors, walls and steps. The unit will grind, hone, polish and clean concrete, terrazzo, marble and granite surfaces using diamond abrasives. This is a true planetary gear driven tool. The 10" platform turns at a lower rate than the higher rotational speed of the 4 inch platens. This combination of RPM provides the optimal speed for diamond polishing, producing a perfect finish 5 times faster than a single head polisher. The unit can be powered by electric or pneumatic variable speed polishers with a collar size of 50mm or less. You can use any 4" cup wheels with a threaded arbor for aggressive grinding and aggregate exposure. Or any 4" diamond polishing pad with hook and loop attachment. But for best results we recommend our BR DHEX (sold separately) wet/dry 6mm polishing pads. A center cooling water feed line, precision bearings and gears translates to sturdy construction and the ultimate tool for perfect flatness and a superior mirror like polish. The Triad Planetary Polisher can be powered be a variety of low RPM electric or pneumatic polishers. DO NOT use high RPM angle grinders with the Triad machine. The system includes all necessary dustless and water feed accessories to operate wet or dry.


Features Include:

  • 110 Volt BR Low RPM High-Torque Variable Speed Polisher
  • 3 aluminum 4" hook and loop backer pads
  • 2 Vacuum Lines with Y Connector for Effective Dry Grinding