Electric Concrete Granite Stone Countertop Round Over Radius Shaper Tool Polisher

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The composition and characteristics of marble, granite, tile, and engineered stone differ dramatically from concrete. Achieve professional results when profiling and polishing stone counter tops and surfaces with the Hardin Variable Speed wet polisher. Ergonomically designed with a water delivery system that sits under the polisher. Simply hook the end of the 5-Feet 1/4-Inch water line to a standard 5/8-Inch garden hose as a water source. Lightweight enough at about 6.5 pounds with enough power to get the job done. This unit is equipped with a 800-Watt, variable speed motor. Adjustable via a variable speed wheel switch located at the back of the polisher. You can operate from 700-3,000-RPM. This kit is ideal, at higher-RPM, to shape the edge of a slab of granite, marble, tile, or masonry with the included vacuum brazed profile wheel. The profile wheel is simple to use. Works much like a router bit works. Has a flat surface that rides on top of the material being worked on. On the bottom of the vacuum brazed profile wheel, you have a guide bearing that rides up against the side of the material. Keeps the bit 100% true. Put the 1/2 round metal splash guard around the collar of the polisher. Then with nothing else on the arbor simply thread the vacuum brazed profile wheel onto the 5/8-InchX11 UNC thread arbor. Set polisher to the higher-RPM setting, turn water on low, power up the grinder, apply some force parallel with the working surface, and you're on your way to profiling your custom edge. This Variable Speed Polishing kit comes with a set of 7 premium diamond polishing pads. Start polishing with the 50-Grit pad and continue polishing with each successive-Grit until you achieve that factory shine. 



  • Variable speed 700-3000-RPM
  • Heavy duty 800-Watt motor
  • Built in GFCI
  • 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, and 3000-Grit
  • 3/16-Inch radius vacuum brazed profile wheel