14 Piece Deluxe Oil Filter Cap Wrench Socket Tool Remover Installer Set for Ratchet

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Cap type filter wrenches prevent damage to the filter housing.

Adater allows use with 3/8" to 1/2" square drive wrenches.

Made of cold-rolled steel plate

- Contents : 2-1/2"(65mm)-14F , 2-11/16"(68mm)-14F
                   2-1/2"(65mm)/2-21/32"(67mm)-14 , 2-31/32"(76mm)-14F
                   2-31/32"(76MM)-30F , 2-15/16"(73mm)-14F
                   2-31/32"(75mm)/3"(77mm)-15F , 3-11/16"(93mm)-15F
                   3-9/16"(90mm)-15F , 4"(100mm)-15F
                   3-11/16"(93mm)-36F , 2-15/16"(74mm)/2-31/32"(76mm)-15F
                   3-5/32"(80mm)-15F , 3-5/32"(80mm)/3-1/5"(82mm)-15F