CO2 Cylinder Pressure Regulator Aluminum Body C02

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All metal CO2 Regulators has a 0-125 PSI pressure range with a maximum inlet pressure of 1200 PSI with a safety burst disc rating of 1800 PSI. Fits standards CO2 paint ball cylinders. Comes standard with a pressure gauge, dial regulator knob. The cylinder and regulator are not for oxygen service or use. Solid Aluminum Body.

Regulator comes installed with a safety relief device (burst disc, CG-1). The Rating of the burst disc is 1800 psi at standard conditions.

This safety device is in addition to the one that comes on the co2 cylinder, which is also a CG-1 burst disc rated at 3000 psi. The paint ball and other co2 cylinders are US DOT Approved cylinders to 3AL specification and are rated at a service pressure of 1800 psi with a safety factor of 2.25 and are required to be hydro tested at a pressure of 1.5x service pressure every 5 years.


CO2 can cause injury (suffocation & Asphyxiation) or death, ventilate the area before entering. CO2 is stored at very pressure and a liquid CO2 is at cryogenic temperatures which can cause injury, burn, explosion, or death. CO2 should be handled by a trained professional and extreme caution should be taken when dealing with CO2. For safety always wear protective gear.