Chainsaw Beam Saw Cutter Bar Blade Attachment for Skil 77 Wormdrive SkilSaw

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12 Inch Beam Cutter for Worm Drive Saws. Fits Skil and other brands of wormdrive saws.


  • Convert your 7-1/4" & 8-1/4" Worm Drive to a Beam Cutter (Saw not included)
  • Footplate and built-in site ensures gliding manageability while cutting perfectly straight lines
  • The vertical blade allows smooth, exact, square cuts
  • One-pass cut for beams, posts, and logs, creating errorless match-ups
  • The Beam Cutter does what a chain saw or a circular saw cannot do
  • Will rip in depth to 12”
  • Will cut angles up to 45°
  • Will cut rafters in one operation
  • Dust deflector guard
  • Will cut cleanly through railroad ties
  • Low-profile anti-kickback chain
  • Double-guarded, kickback resistant guide bar


  • Blade Tooth Material: Steel
  • Kerf (in): 0.25"
  • Cutting Capacity: 12"
  • Material Cut: Wood
  • Maximum RPM: 5800
  • Tooth Count: 46
  • Plate Thickness (in): 0.16"
  • Progressive Blade Tooth Spacing: No
  • Blade Diameter (in): 3 3/8"