Band Saw Replacement Tire for Jet/Powermatic 100025A / PWBS14-119 14"

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  • These tires do not dry out, therefore, they will not crack, peel or harden like rubber tires do
  • They hold so tightly to the wheel you wont need to glue them down. Colored bright orange for easier inspection


  • Diameter: 14"
  • Width: 1"
  • Thick: 1/8"

Steps to Install:

  1. Remove wheel from saw, This greatly eases installation of the tire.
  2. Take old tire off wheel by prying it off with a flat bladed screwdriver, being careful not to damage wheel.
  3. Wash and clean wheel thoroughly making sure that the face of the wheel where the new tire will fit is free of any bumps or pitch built-up that could cause a high spot on the tire when installed.
  4. Hook new tire in groove and use a wooden dowel to roll the tire onto the wheel.
  5. Roll dowel around wheel under tire a couple of complete turns to equalize tension on tire.
  6. Remove dowel being careful not to get fingers pinched when the tire snaps into groove.
  7. Install wheel back on saw in same location as before.

Note: Always keep tires clean with Bandsaw Blade Cleaner. This will improves tire life and also help your blades to last longer.