Assorted Wood Wafer Plates Joiner Bisquits For Biscuit Jointer Machine

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Assorted wooden #0, #10, #20 Beech Wood Joining Biscuits Set - 50 Pieces Each Size. Consistent and uniform from size to size, the assorted biscuits is a collection of biscuits you can use for a variety of different woodworking projects. These helpful little pieces of beechwood stay in their original shape and size until they soak up water-based glues, resulting in a tighter wood joint.


  • Made of 100% compressed Beech with Diagonally running wood grain
  • Manufactured to the highest industry standards to deliver superior joint strength
  • Consistent and uniform from size to size
  • True to size in length and thickness
  • Works for all bisquit jointers
  • Includes: 50 Pcs Each Size (#0, #10, #20)
Uses: For joining surfaces,  frames: butt-jointed, offset or mitered: for all wood types.