Artist Paintbrush Cleaner Washer Rack

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Now You Can Wash Your Artist's Paint Brushed And Hang Them Up To Dry with this metal artist paintbrush holder tank . You Can Shape The Bristles And Hang Them Up, And The Bristles Will Retain Their Shape. Great For Class Room Use! The Coil-type Holder Accommodates Up To 18 Paint Brushes At One Time. Aluminum Strainer Helps Keep Brushes In Good Condition. 4" Wide X 6 1/2" Tall.
  • * Wash Brushes And Hang Them Up To Dry
  • * Help Avoid Too Much Moisture In Wooden Handles
  • * Bristles Can Dry Neatly And In Proper Position
  • * Made entirely of alumimum-lightweight and very convenient
  • * Enjoy a fresh, clean, properly shaped brush every time you paint