Air Regulator Gauge 3/8"

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3/8" Regulator, 0-125 psi - w/Gauge. Pneumatic equipment that operates at higher than recommended pressure can cause excess torque, force and wear and can waste compressed air. This unit regulates air pressure of the air line to prevent damage. Provides fine air control for spray guns and air tools. It adopts balanced inlet with relief device. It has the advantage of stable pressure, high precision, quick reaction & firm lockup. It can be freely combined with other air source treatment products.


  • Two position knob: push to lock and pull to adjust; Increases or decreases air pressure as desired


  • Port Size: 3/8"NPT (2x)
  • Gauge Port: 1/8"NPT (2x) (G2101-160)
  • Body Material: Aluminum Body
  • Control Style: Plastic Knob
  • Working Pressure: 200 PSI
  • Delivery Pressure: 0-125 PSI
  • Flow @ 100 psi: 90 SCFM
  • Pressure Gauge: -160 psi(G2101-160)
  • Dial Diameter: 1.5" (G2101-160)