Accessory Blade Tool Kit for Multi Tool Oscillating Blades

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Unlock the potential of your oscillating tool with the Universal Master Accessory Kit by Versa-Tool. Here is what's included in the deluxe aluminum carrying case: (1) EACH 30mm, 20mm and 10mm STAINLESS STEEL QUICK CUT SAW BLADES: All black. 20 teeth per inch. Plastics, fiberglass, woods without nails, melamine, and plywood. 

(1) JAPAN TOOTH OSCILLATING SAW BLADE: 10 teeth per inch. Woods like pine, fir, spruce, hemlock, cedar, redwood, drywall, and such soft material. 

(1) WOOD CUTTING OSCILLATING SAW BLADE: 18 teeth per inch. Wood, as long as there are no nails present. Plastics, fiberglass, melamine, plywood, and particle board. 

(1) 1-3/4" WOOD CUTTING OSCILLATING SAW BLADE: 18 teeth per inch. 

(1) 1-3/4" BI-METAL OSCILLATING SAW BLADE: 24 teeth per inch. Light metals, pipe, conduit, tubing, brass, copper, and especially nails. 

Ideal for boards where you know you'll be hitting nails. Will NOT cut screws, nuts, or bolts. 

(1) 3" CIRCULAR HIGH SPEED STEEL SAW BLADE: 22 teeth per inch. Cuts same materials that the bi-metal blade does. 

(1) 3" FLUSH CUT SEMI-ROUND HIGH SPEED STEEL ROUND SAW BLADE: 22 teeth per inch. Cuts same materials bi-metal blade does. 

(1) TRIANGULAR BRAZED CARBIDE RASP: Removing, grinding, and scraping thin set. 

(1) SEMI ROUND BRAZED CARBIDE GROUT BLADE: Cutting out or grinding out thin set or grout. 

(1) FLUSH CUT STAINLESS STEEL SCRAPER BLADE: Cutting carpet, scraping residues, film, glue, or mastic off windows, glass, or mirrors. Cutting linoleum. 

(1) FLEXIBLE STAINLESS STEEL SCRAPER BLADE Don't find yourself frustrated, needing to buy the right accessory mid-project, get your Versa-Tool Universal Master Accessory Kit today! These Versa-Tool blades are fully compatible with the Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi Tool This blade is manufactured by Versa-Tool USA. Versa-Tool is not affiliated with Rockwell Sonicrafter. Rockwell Sonicrafter and Worx are trademarks of their respective owners.


  • Compatible with Rockwell Sonicrafter Except for Tools REQUIRING Open End Blade
  • Thick gauge metals and high quality manufacturing techniques insure superior wear tolerance and life
  • Exacting arbor specs allows multiple position settings for slip free operation at varying angles
  • Contractors pack, professional selection of top blades used in job site construction duties
  • Custom aluminum organizer keeps your blades in one place and free from accidental loss or damage