A/C Refrigerant Charging Scale

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A/C refrigerant programmable charging scale. Simply enter the charging weight on the control touchpad. When weight has been dispensed, scale automatically signals to shut-off refrigerant flow.


Features include:

1 Mesh filter in charging module protects solenoid valve from debris

2 Low flow triggers automatic hold to extend solenoid life

3 Schrader valve prevents back flow through solenoid

4 Has memory function

5 Charging accuracy is equal to scale accuracy ±0.25 oz.

6 Designed within CE guidelines

7 Larger carrying case contains charging module, control/programming module, 55kg.capacity platform and AC power pack for 8 solenoid power during charging.

9 Solenoid valve with 400psi maximum operating pressure differential(MOPD) allow metering broad range of refrigerants.

10 Convert scale to programmable with up grade kits

11 With one of these kits, standard LX36443 scales can be upgraded with programmable charging capability. Each kit includes a charging module, power pack, instruction manual, and larger carrying case to hold all parts.