880 LB Electric Overhead Hoist Lift

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Our electric hoist lifts up to 880 pounds. Perfect for general maintenance lifting and engine repair applications.

Features include:

  • Use the remote control to easily lift at 33 feet per minute
  • 880 lbs. with double line capacity and 440 lbs. single line
  • High carbon steel lines roughly 38 foot. x 1/8”
  • Remote control cable: 5 ft.
  • Single line lift: 440 pounds, speed of 33ft/min, 38ft height
  • Double line lift: 880 pounds, speed of 16.5ft/min, 19ft height
  • Housing material, motor and gear cast iron and aluminum Mounting brackets are included
  • 110/120 Volts
  • Heavy-Duty hook
  • Power up and power down
  • Manufacturer’s color and details may vary