50 Foot Retractable Watering Drinking Water Garden Self Retracting Recoil Hose

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FDA Drinking water safe!

Gardeners, boaters and RV enthusiasts all love these hoses for their ease of use and compact storage. They are extremely flexible and lightweight and much easier to use than than an ordinary 20-30 pound garden hose. Made from durable polyurethane, they are of the same high quality as the ones used by professionals at your local supermarket in the produce section. The Magic Hose comes in a delightful color with 3/8" thick tubing and 50 feet long. Rated at 100 psi which is much stronger water pressure than traditional hoses at only 60-80 psi. Suitable for jobs around the house, garden, garage, boat, horse, stable, lawn, RV, camping or wherever a light-weight, compact hose is needed. It stores in a compact space and weighs less than two pounds.

The 3/8" hose will put out slightly less water than a traditional hose, but at a higher pressure. This makes it great for washing cars, watering plants and other small jobs. Fill your pool, spray a driveway, wash a boat and more. People that live in apartments, or those with small yards love this hose.

Color of hose may vary (no choice). Standard USA connect brass fittings.