4 Ton Hydraulic Air Pump Lift Porta Power Ram Body Shop Repair Tool Set Kit

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This portable body puller is the ideal tool for most auto body repair jobs! The body puller kit includes attachments that can be used to pop dents out of sheet metal doors and panels in even the smallest, tightest areas. Straightening, spreading and aligning auto bodies and frames is a breeze when using this kit in your garage!

  • Ram capacity: 4 tons (2 tons with extensions)
  • Includes 3", 5", 8-1/2", 16-1/2" and 19-1/2" extensions
  • Extension pole length: 5 ft. 10-1/2” maximum
  • Hydraulic spreader capacity: 1/2-ton
  • Hydraulic spreader jaw opening: 3-3/4" maximum
  • Contents include:
    • 4 ton hydraulic unit
    • 4 ton ram pump with 5" stroke
    • Hydraulic spreader ram
    • 2-3/4" flex head
    • Ram toe
    • Plunger toe
    • Serrated saddle
    • Wedge head
    • 90° v-base
    • Male connector
    • 6 ft. hose with half coupling
  • Color may vary between orange or red no choice
  • Item comes in a damaged plastic case with cracks in the case
  • Item contents may vary as product improves