4 Pc Medical Flashlight Pen Penlights With Pupil Gauge

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4 Pc  Medical flashlight penlights with pupil gauge.

Diagnostic Penlights to Examine Eyes, Ears, Throat, Nose, Mouth!. The Black Penlight is for checking eyes and has a Pupil Gauge. The Silver Penlight is for Checking Ears, Throat, Nose & Mouth

• 4Pc Set
• 2 Black Lights-For Checking Pupil Gauge
- Pupil Gauge
- Ruler
- Warm Light
• 2 Silver Lights-For Checking Ears, Throat, Nose & Mouth
- White Light
• Length : 5.5"
• Pocket Clips
• Requires 2AAA Batteries (Batteries are Included)