3 In Replacement Fixed Black Rubber Caster Home Furniture Dolly Cart

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This industrial grade fixed caster is perfect for home, workshop, and warehouse use! Corrosion resistant, double ball bearings swivels, and hardened raceways. Perfect hardwood floors, warehouse use, tile, and more. Can be used on trolleys, dollies, and more.
  • Replacement fixed caster for furniture, workbenches, bed frames, carts, industrial use, dollies, and more!
  • 3" wheel diameter, industrial grade, rubber wheel.
  • Build in, easy to use, foot lock.
  • Zinc Plated for corrosion resistance.
  • Double ball bearing swivel with hardened raceways.
  • 3/32" formed steel plate fork, double welded, with 3/8" king pin.
  • 5/16" axle bolt and nut.
  • Zerk fitting for lubrication.
  • Overall Height 3-7/8" 3"x1