3/8" NPT Air Control Filter Regulator Oiler Unit

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3/8" Filter/Regulator/Lubricator Combo Metal. Clean air is a key ingredient that enables effective and efficient use of tools, equipment, and machinery in almost every industry. For preventing your air tools from rusty air & foggy atmosphere & keep those in working condition for a long time we suggest use of air preparation devices such as filters, regulators, and lubricators. As a modular component, this filter-regulator-lubricator can quickly be attached with convenient minimum installation time into your compressed air system. Provides clean, dry, regulated compressed air over a wide range of airflows with accurate control and fast response. Efficiently traps moisture while passing through clean, dry compressed air which is lubricated to improve tool life by reducing rust, moisture & wear/tear. Includes bracket and pressure gauge.


  • Port Size: 3/8" NPT (2X)
  • Filter Element Micron Size: 25 Micron
  • Flow Rate: 70 SCFM
  • Max Operating Pressure: 150 PSI
  • Delivery Pressure: 0-125 PSI
  • Oil Flow Rate: 0.53 SCFM
  • Bowl Material: Aluminum
  • Regulator Handle Type: Plastic Knob
  • Gauge: 0-160 PSI, 1.5" Dial (G2101-160)