25 Foot Coil Coiled Water Hose

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Cut out all the inconvenience associated with tedious watering jobs with this coil return combo of 25 feet coiled hose and 7-pattern ergonomic nozzle. The coil hose is tangle free as well as stretchable for easy deployment and regains its original form once you're done for quick storage.

The hose comes with a 7-pattern spray nozzle which enables you to switch between different water streams for different watering tasks. It also features an ergonomic grip along with a back trigger 


  • 25 feet of coiled hose is stretchable and tangle free
  • Hose returns to its original form for easy and quick storage
  • Included 7-pattern spray nozzle serves different watering needs
  • Spray nozzle comes with a back trigger and ergonomic grip for easy use
  • Ideal watering products combo for a range of watering jobs