225 PC Metric Nitrile Oring Assortment Kit

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This O-ring set consists of 18 of the most used O-ring sizes to accommodate a variety of tasks. The nitrile constructed rings resist heat, most petroleum, most silicone fluids and solvents. The O-rings come organized in a convenient storage case with an included sizing guide for easy size identification.

  • 18 of the most used O-ring sizes in one organized PVC case
  • Nitrile rings resist heat, most petroleum and silicone fluids, hydraulic and non-aromatic fuels, and solvents

Sizes include:

(10) 3x1mm, (10) 4x1mm, (20) 4.8x1.9mm, (20) 5.8x1.9mm, (20) 6.8x1.9mm, (20) 7.8x1.9mm, (10) 5x2mm, (20) 8x2mm, (20) 8.8x1.9mm, (15) 9.8x2.4mm, (15) 10.8x2.4mm, (10) 11.8x2.4mm, (10) 13.8x2.4mm, (10) 15.8x2.4mm, (10) 20x3mm, (10) 22x3mm, (5) 20x4mm, (5) 22x2.4 mm