220 Volt Electric Concrete Cement Diamond Wet Polishing Grinding Kit Polisher

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Comes with step-by-step instructional guide for creating beautiful and functional concrete counter tops. Learn from master designer and craftsman who offers easy-to-follow proven methods for bringing your own concrete counter tops to life. Many aspects of the project require the use of a variable speed wet polisher. This particular kit is equipped with a  220 volt variable speed wet polisher. The  DVS supplied with this set confines both dust and water in a controlled environment. While polishing on site, the need to keep water spray from damaging expensive wooden floors and cabinets can be challenging. Concrete dust can also be difficult to clean and is dangerous to breathe. With the DVS, these damaging and toxic materials are contained and removed by simply hooking up your shop vac. To work with the shroud, simply attach the 6 inch DVS shroud to the wet polisher and attach your shop vac to the 1 1/4 inch vacuum port. After attaching your choice of tooling, set the tool flat and adjust the removable apron to the proper position. The DVS system is compatible with all 4 and 5 inch diamond polishing pads, threaded backer pads, and diamond cup wheels. If you plan to do any significant stock removal you will need the help of a diamond cup wheel. The diamond cup wheel included in this set is used for medium to heavy stock removal applications. The 5 inch concrete polishing pad set in this listing starts at 50 grit and ends with 3000 grit. The 50 grit pad is the initial pad to be used for polishing but is useful for shaping edges and removing mold lines as well. The 100 grit pad will follow and remove the rough 50 grit scratch pattern, replacing it with a 100 grit scratch pattern. This process is repeated throughout the grits until the desired luster or shine is achieved. Be sure to read any instructions supplied with the sealer or surface treatment you plan to use. In many cases you?ll need to apply after a specific grit is used. 

Note: 220 Volt is for Europe and parts of Asia and Central America. This unit will not work in the USA.


  •  220 volt variable speed wet polisher
  • DVS water and dust containment vacuum attachment
  • Step-by-step Fu Tung Cheng DVD
  • 4" Diamond Cup wheel for aggressive grinding and aggregate exposure
  • 5"x3MM wet CONCRETE polishing pads; 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 grits with 5" backer pad