20 Ton Hydraulic Air Pump Lift Porta Power Low Profile Mini Tight Space Ram

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This short ram, designed for all kinds of power operations, is ideal for working in tight spaces. The hydraulic ram is suitable for lifting heavy equipment high enough for forklift or jack placement or straightening warped metal after welding.

  • This hydraulic ram comes with a quick connect coupler and features polyurethane seals for a long service life.
  • Useful for straightening warped metal after welding
  • Comes with quick connect coupler
  • Polyurethane seals for long life
  • 20 Ton capacity
Working pressure (psi) 9250 PSI
Product Height 2 in.
Product Length 5-11/16 in.
Product Width 3 in.
Shipping Weight 5.75 lb.
Size(s) 20 ton
Travel length (in.) 7/16 in.