2" Replacement Swivel Rubber Caster Locking Furniture Workbench Wheel

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This industrial grade swivel is perfect for home, workshop, and warehouse use! Includes a wheel lock that can lock. Corrosion resistant, double ball bearings swivels, and hardened raceways.
  • Replacement swivel caster for furniture, workbenches, bed frames, carts, industrial use, dollies, and more!
  • 2. wheel diameter, industrial grade, rubber wheel.
  • Build in, easy to use, foot lock.
  • Zinc Plated for corrosion resistance.
  • Double ball bearing swivel with hardened raceways.
  • 1/16" formed steel plate fork, double welded, with 3/8" king pin.
  • 1/4" Diameter Nut and Bolt Axle
  • Zerk fitting for lubrication.
  • Overall Height 2 1/2" 2"x7/18"